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How to Prepare for an Open Home

Throughout the world today the real estate market favors buyers over sellers. There are so many houses for sale that if you want your home to stand out to buyers, you have to do a little extra to make sure it shines. If you're planning to sell your Wellington home and you are hosting an open home it is important to prepare your home for viewing. To really set your home apart, try some of these tips:

1. Start early

There's no use in waiting to fix up your home until the day before buyers arrive. If you delay your preparations, your home will not look as good as it would if you spent the proper amount of time on it. Plan ahead and spend a week or more doing small things around your home to ensure that it is perfect for viewers who are looking to buy.

2. Thin out your things

As much as it might seem painful, you need to clear out the rooms of your home to make the space look larger and more functional. If a buyer comes in and sees your home the way you have it arranged normally, they will not necessarily be able to picture themselves living there. You want buyers to enter into a neutral space so they can think to themselves how they would set up to rooms if they bought your home. For this reason you should take down personal items like family pictures, trophies, and such and also pack or store some of your items to thing out the junk in each room.

3. Perform a deep cleaning

No one likes cleaning the little nooks and crannies of their home, but if you want people to find no fault in your home than you should absolutely do a thorough cleaning. You can hire a cleaning service if you don't have the time yourself or if you want to guarantee it will be done well. Additionally, if you have carpets you should get them cleaned. Hire professional carpet cleaning in Wellington to get your carpets really looking their best for an open home.

4. Do small repairs

If there are any bulbs which need to be changed, taps which leak a little, or other small repairs that are in need of doing then it's time to just get them done. Buyers will have their eyes trained to see the imperfections and the bad things about your home, so do your best to make sure they can't be as critical.

5. Don't ignore the curb appeal

The first thing your potential buyers will see when they drive up is how well kept the lawn and gardens look. Trim the grass, pull out some weeds or ugly plants, and try to make the general appearance pleasant and not overbearing.

6. Stay away during the event

As hard as it may be, you should consider leaving when the estate agent arrives to show your home. Buyers will feel much more open and comfortable about asking questions about the home when the owner is not around. Estate agents are able to be very neutral about the home and focus on things that the buyers care about most.

When you're preparing for your open home, make sure to pay special attention to your floors. They can make a huge difference in how people see your entire home. If your carpets are in need of cleaning, call Debra's Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Wellington and carpet repairs in Wellington. You'll end up with beautifully cleaned and fresh carpets that will dazzle potential buyers! When you need professional carpet cleaning in Wellington just visit www.debrascarpetcleaning.co.nz for quality carpet cleaning.

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